Challenges, products and benefits
  • 07 Aug 2023
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Challenges, products and benefits

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Article summary

The stakes

In your business, every day you have to deal with repetitive operational processes and you face many challenges:

  • Communicate effectively with your partners or collaborate in business associations
    • Coordinate your joint projects
    • Transmit and receive working documents, plans, ... classify and archive them
    • Communicate work orders to your subcontractors
  • Make informed decisions and avoid losses and complaints
    • Consult stakeholders for offers or requests for information
    • Submit data sheets, plans or debt statements for partner approval
    • Establish contracts and amendments with third parties
  • Build deliverables easily by avoiding errors and re-encodings
    • Publish important documentation to the client for information
    • Create cover pages to make it easier to archive your files
    • Automatically build the permit file or the as-built file at the end of the project

Our products

To meet these challenges, Cooperlink offers a unique products on the market:

  • Links and automations to create data workflows and connect 3rd-party software and partners together,
  • Construction Management Apps for design, execution and handover project stages,
  • BOOST options to leverage your existing DMS (Document Management System) and E-mail.

Your benefits

With Cooperlink's concept, you benefit from the power of an integration and automation platform, and the simplicity of a collaborative platform:

  • Offering the guarantee of ownership of your data and your autonomy
    • Hosting your data in a separate database, independent of your partners*
    • Define your own choices regarding internal document structure and security policy*
  • Achieving operational excellence
    • Integration of your own tools to automate structured information exchanges*
    • Eliminate wasted time and errors in encoding the same information multiple times
    • Accurate, centralized and unified view and information exchange with partners.
  • With a very high level of security
    • Secure end-to-end data (encryption).
    • No storage in an uncontrolled cloud, but in everyone's tools
    • Protection of private data through pseudonymisation (GDPR)
  • And adapted to the needs of your business
    • Cooperlink offers out-of-the-box features and solutions for your industry to ensure simplicity and quick start-up
    • An intuitive and modern web/desktop application that meets the most demanding demands
    • Accessible anywhere, anytime, on a PC or tablet.

(*) An individual host license is required

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