Registration Office 365
  • 10 Oct 2022
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Registration Office 365

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Article summary

This article applies to BOOST EMPOWER licenses

Purpose of the article

Authentication on Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Microsoft Exchange Online tools requires the use of the OAuth protocol. This protocol requires a registration of the Cooperlink application on Azure Active Directoy.

This article explains how to connect Cooperlink with your Office 365/Azure AD environment

  • Step 0: Elements to prepare
  • Step 1: Initialize the connection with an administrator
  • Step 2: Verify that the application is registered in your Azure environment
  • Step 3: User rights management

0. Elements to prepare

To enable Cooperlink to connect to your Office365 environment, please prepare:

  • A system user with a license associated (the Business Basics license is sufficient)
  • If company policy requires the use of MFA, please contact Cooperlink Support to assign an administrator
  • Ensure the system user has appropriate access to the site and SharePoint libraries to which you want to connect Cooperlink
  • Schedule a meeting between Cooperlink's support team and an O365/Azure administrator in your organization
  • Note that the administrator must also have access to the site and the libraries concerned.

1. Initialization of the connection by an administrator

During the meeting between cooperlink's support team and your administrator, the administrator will initiate a first connection from Cooperllink to Office365. From this moment a registration of the Cooperlink Cloud application will be made automatically.

2a. Verifying cloud app registration

Registration is required to enable your Office 365 environment to recognize Cooperlink as a trusted application.

When an administrator has initiated a first sign-in attempt on your tenant, the Cooperlink Cloud app automatically adds to the application records in your Azure environment. Depending on the rights defined, it is likely that an administrator will have to give consent.

  1. Go to and access your directory
  2. Then go to the module App registrations
  3. Find the Cooperlink Cloud app
  4. Check the Permissions APIs
  5. Grant your consent as an administrator by clicking Grant admin consent in the API permissions section and follow the instructions

2. Application rights management

Use this step to define which users can use Cooperlink in connection with their Office 365 account.

  1. Go to the section Enterprise Applications to configure Cooperlink rights.
  2. Select from the list the application Cooperlink (or the name you chose when registering)
  3. Click the Users and groups menu. Add allowed users and/or groups.

Alternatively, it is possible to remove the mandatory assignment of users.

4. Grant the administrator's consent

From the left menu, select Permissions and then click the Grant Administrator Consent button.

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