Create a document structure in a workspace
  • 11 Oct 2022
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Create a document structure in a workspace

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Article summary

Purpose and scope

The function of the workspace is to streamline the sharing of information with your partners. The most important action at this level is to create a common, simplified document structure directly related to the project (i.e. to your tools).

The creation of a documentary structure consists of 3 steps:

  • Enrichment of folders and documents via document cards
  • The tree structure of the workspace through links between the project space (i.e. the external data source) and the workspace.
  • Assign access rights to partners


Creating a document structure requires the rights of manager or administrator.

The workspace configuration must have been done beforehand (see Settings of a Workspace for Document Management)

1. Enrich folders and documents

Enrichment consists in attaching to the folders and documents an information sheet called Documentary Card (see What is a card?).

This step consists of analyzing, with the end users, their needs. The information in this card can be used to filter and sort documents in the workspace.

With the help of the end user, identify the information you want. The Practical example for configuring cards will help you create a suitable card.

  • Limit card information to the data needed to avoid encoding unnecessary information
  • Simplify your data structure while making it actionable (e.g. e-mail, paper mail, fax can be considered as correspondence)
  • When approval circuits are used, they often influence the data on the card (e.g. a subcontractor encodes the information. Therefore, they should not be re-encoded when the workflow starts).
  • In the case of metadata in the form of a value list, limit the list to a maximum of 15 values (ideally 10) so that it is accessible to all

1. Create a tree structure linked to your tools

This step consists of creating the tree structure that will be visible to the partners.

Please refer to Article Add / remove folders and documents from workspace.

2. Assign access rights to partners

Once the tree structure is created, all you have to do is assign access rights to the partners (as long as this option has been enabled).

Please refer to Article Assign access rights to partners.

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