Cloud installation
  • 10 Oct 2022
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Cloud installation

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Article Summary

This article applies to BOOST EMPOWER licenses

Purpose of the article

Your company has chosen to work with the Cooperlink platform. Discover it in video on

This article shows you the steps to complete the installation of Cooperlink and integrate it with your tools. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support via the portal on

Step 1 - Technical Contact Point

We recommend that you create an account on our support portal and provide us with the single point of contact in the event of a technical incident that requires information from you. Please also provide all required information via the portal.

🛡️  Careful
For security reasons, we will validate the technical point of contact with your organization.

Steps 2 to 7 - Installation of the infrastructure

Cooperlink will install your tenant in the cloud. Once it is configured, your URL will be directly communicated to you as well as an administrator account.

ℹ️ Information
For security reasons, this information is not publicly accessible. Please refer to our Cooperlink contact point for more information.

Steps 8 to 9 - Integration

Preliminary note

In case of cloud installation, only cloud platforms are supported. Connectors on fileserver and other local platforms require on-premise installation.

Technical information

In order to integrate Cooperlink with your current tools (eg sharepoint, file server, email server, ...), it is necessary to configure connectors. The following information is required for configuration:

  • URL or IP address
  • Tenant ID (if applicable)
  • Port numbers
  • Application authentication protocols

Please view the required information per connector (Technical information about connectors)

If the installation is done by Cooperlink, please provide this information through the support portal.

💡 Tip
You don't know what software needs to be integrated with Cooperlink? Contact us via the support page. We will be happy to help you.

System and test accounts

If the installation is performed by Cooperlink, it is necessary to provide one system account per connector as well as access to test data. This information is communicated via the support portal.

Once the infrastructure is made available and the information communicated, we will proceed with the technical installation of Cooperlink:

  • Installing containers if necessary (in case of dedicated cloud)
  • Testing internet connectivity and certificates
  • Testing the connection with your tools based on the accounts provided

On the way to configuration

Congratulations, Cooperlink is now accessible and can be configured.

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