Respond to a task
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Respond to a task

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Article summary

In this article, we will learn how to respond to a task and/or approval circuit.

The 3 methods

Within Cooperlink, there are 3 ways to respond to an approval task or circuit, depending on your needs: 

TypePeculiaritySuitable for
Via InboxDaily summaryFor real-time work / just-in-time
Via the tasks moduleAll tasks with views and filtering functionsFor the structured work of regular contributors.
Via the dashboardPreview open tasks on the first screenFor occasional contributors.

Via Inbox

  1. You have received a task notification in your activity box, or you have received an email informing you of open tasks
  2. Select the relevant task notification
  3. Select the task and use the information drawer.
  4. Click on the document to view it.
    Note: if a cover page has been configured, it will be displayed automatically
  5. Perform the requested action
    Tip: Annotate the document or add attachments

Via the tasks module

All tasks are centralized in the Tasks module, either for all workspaces or for a specific workspace.

  1. Go to the workspace and click the Tasks module
  2. Use the filters and select the desired tasks. Then respond to the task.
  3. Prefer to see tasks as a list? Click the List view.

Recommended filters

We recommend that you use the following filters:

  • Status: Task Status
  • Due date: the deadline by which the task expires
  • Assigned: The user or organization to whom the task is assigned
  • Priority: Level of Importance
  • Author: The user or organization that created the task

Calendar view

Cooperlink also offers a calendar view. Using the Tasks menu, click Calendar.

Via the dashboard widget

The main page of the application as well as the main page of each workspace group tasks into a widget.

  1. Go to the app or workspace dashboard
  2. Click on the task to open the information drawer
  3. Perform the requested action (see above)

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